Graco LazerVac 550 Vacuum System


When used with a GrindLazer scarifier, Graco’s LazerVac 550 System uses contractor preferred Honda power to provide 50% more vacuum pressure compared to LazerVac 330 to reduce airborne silica dust on larger scarifying jobs to help meet OSHA’s safety requirement for airborne silica dust.
Goods Ex USA – Approx 10-12 Weeks
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  • Longopac Bag System
    • Reduced Silica Dust
    • Continuous dust containment means less exposure to silica dust
    • Large capacity for more run time, less downtime
  • OSHA-Compliant Filtration
    • Safer Job sites
    • Removes silica dust, resulting in a safer environment
  • Auto-Filter Cleaning
    • Reduced Filter Clogging
    • Separate motor operates dual paddles, which knock down the debris from the filter while you work – preventing filter clogs
  • Tool Less Filter Design
    • More Uptime
    • Allows for quick filter change-out while on the job
  • Durable Honda® Power With Cyclone Filter
    • Contractor-Preferred Power
    • Cyclone filter protects the engine from harmful airborne dust

Technical Specifications

Air Power (Air-Watts) 2045
Model LazerVac
Power Type Gas
Series Vacuum
Type Concrete Scarifie
Weight 326 kg
Dimensions 97 × 87 × 205 cm