Absolutely blown away!

Absolutely blown away at how good it was. So easy to use and lasts a long time.

Previous Line Marking Paint Used: Taubmans fence paint
How much money do you save by using UberLine? $400
Marking Machine Make/Model: Fountain line

After seeing UberLine Black  product on another ground I thought we would give it a try, instead of us using 10 tubs of paint a season we only needed 1 and 1/2 tubs of Uber line easy to mix and clean up. Could not recommend this product enough
Best decision I have ever made switching to this product and company.

— Blake – Wolumla FC

Longest lasting and brightest white line marking paint we have found

By far the longest lasting and brightest white we have found for our football grounds. I have used many others and none compare or in my opinion even come close.

I use the UberWhite 10-1 and it has exceeded all my expectations of a line marking product for use on grass surfaces. It mixes well and goes the distance. Definitely a no brainer and best in the field.

This is the best our lines have ever looked” Club President and long time member.

I wish they had paint that good when I was line marking” our old club grounds manager who previously did the line marking for 7 years prior to my taking over.

Other Feedback: Everyday people have commented on how great it looks and have recommended it to other sporting clubs as have I.

Previous Line Marking Paint Used: Fleet and fernlands
How much money do you save by using UberLine? $400-$500
Marking Machine Make/Model: Fleet not sure of model

— Brodie – Palmwoods Western Districts JRLFC

Switched from Supaturf and saving ~50% on cost, best paint by far

After using different line marking paints over the years I have found UberWhite  the best by far. You use less paint and get a better finish by a mile. And over the year we are going to save money and get a better finish. Its UberWhite for me from now on.

Previous Line Marking Paint Used: Supaturf
How much money do you save by using UberLine? Not sure yet but UberWhite is about half the price of what we were using
Marking Machine Make/Model: Supaturf

— Rod, Portarlington, Vic – Portarlington Football Netball Club

Switched to UberBlack and saving $400-500 per season

The Uberline Black 10:1 is a fantastic product.

For the past 6 years I have been using a white paint for our rugby league fields and I was remarking every 3 to 4 weeks.

With UberLine black the lines are lasting 6 to 8 weeks, thus saving money and time. I don’t know why I didn’t change years ago, but we won’t look back now.

Previous Line Marking Paint Used: White ground marking paint
How much money do you save by using UberLine? Around $400 to $500 per season
Marking Machine Make/Model: An old outdated 25lt walk behind marker

— Chris Regan – Nowra Warriors Rugby League Club

Saving $300 by switching to Uberblack grass line marking paint

First time using this paint and it is absolutely the best paint, bright easy to use. The previous paint that we used we were using 15ltrs (per mark), with uberline we only used 5ltrs.

Can not recommend this product highly enough. Ordered Sunday night and delivered Tuesday.

Previous Line Marking Paint Used: House/fence paint
How much money do you save by using UberLine? $300
Marking Machine Make/Model: Fountain Proline v4

— Blake – Wolumla Football Club

Remote sports clubs love our line marking paint

Great line marking product. 10:1 saved heaps of money for our athletics club by using these guys and also very reasonable delivery charges, very quick deliver and great customer service, we keep going back to these guys for continues business for our not for profit athletics club (Palmerston Athletics Club NT).

We use ProLine V4 Line Marker from FountainLine, one of the problems we had with other line marking paint, if we stop even for 2 minutes paint dry out inside the jets in the line marking machine specially due to heat in NT, then need to pull the jets out and clean them could take 15 to 20 minutes extra time but we had absolutely no issues with Uberline line marking paint.

Very good quality product and very good value for money.

Marking Machine Make/Model: V4 Line Marker from FountainLine

— Priya – Palmerston Athletics Club, Gray NT

Bowls club loves uber black line marking paint

The black really stands out, especially at the different angles of the sun. The black lines were visible on rinks both sides of the used rink. Your cost is very competitive and the free delivery a definite bonus. I will mention your product to other clubs including clubs using a different supplier.

— Hank Schot – Rosebud Country Club

Switched from supaturf duramark – saving 50%

I have found the Uberblack 15L to be much more affordable than previous paints that we have used. The quality is better than the Durablack that we’ve previously used. Usually we spend approximately $800.00+ per season. Your product has only cost us approximately $400.00 this season. We are also impressed with your delivery performance. Always on time.

Previous Line Marking Paint Used: Duramark Black 15L Drum
How much money do you save by using UberLine? Approx. $400.00 per season
Marking Machine Make/Model: Fountainline Proline V4

— Steve Conlon – Stockton NSW

Saving 75% vs using aerosol line marking paint

Very short delivery times of product makes application planning easy. Product is simple to prepare, and easy to apply. Very happy with performance of product, with period between re-applications about the same as spray cans but at a fraction of the cost.

Previous Line Marking Paint Used: Aerosol cans
How much money do you save by using UberLine? Approx a quarter the cost of product previously used per application
Marking Machine Make/Model: Use a modified pressure sprayer.

— Dale Jackaman – Newcastle NSW

Saving $40 per pail by switching to Uberline

For the amount of paint that we have to use each week I have found that it is a better product than we have ever used previously and we save approximately $40 per 15ltr container just placed our second order due to outstanding value for money.

Thankyou for a great product and the free home delivery service.

Previous Line Marking Paint Used: Unsure of name but order through Tquip
How much money do you save by using UberLine? Approximately $40 per 15ltr container
Marking Machine Make/Model: Kombi mark 2

— Antony Carter – North Coast Ball Club Inc. Perth WA

Athletics club saving $100 per mark on line marking paint

Uberline linemarking paint is the best product we have used, longer lasting, brighter and holds better.

How much money do you save by using UberLine? At least $100 each time marking the field
Previous Line Marking Paint Used: Fountain Line

— Kevin McGarry – Lake Illawarra Little Athletics

Clubwhite vs Fountainline eco

Ordered online on Monday, drums arrived Tuesday, no delivery cost. Oval marked without seeing any difference in the quality of the job, paint flowed through the machine easily and dried quickly. Will certainly use again.

Previous Line Marking Paint Used: Fountainline Eco
How much money do you save by using UberLine? Approx 30%

— Warren Back – Camden Cats

Graco S90 review

Thank you again for your prompt service.

Since my Football Club purchased the Graco FieldLazer S90 back in May 2017 (best thing since sliced bread) it has been a joy to use the machine, it has been running like a clock and I would highly recommend to any Football Club to purchase this machine.

I will be using the S90 again in a couple of weeks to mark our Club Oval and will forward some photos of it.

— Don Van Weezep – Whyalla SA

Uberblack = saving money + longer lasting, darker lines

I’ve been a volunteer for my local AFL club marking 2 ovals for the last few years.

I wish I had of been using uberline paint from the beginning. The first time I used it the lines where darker and have lasted longer. Added bonus is it’s also cheaper and free delivery.

For a club that relies on volunteers, any time and money that can be saved is much needed.

Thanks Uberline, great product and service.

Previous Line Marking Paint Used: Fountain line ultra black max concentrate
How much money do you save by using UberLine? $20 a bucket, and they are 15ltr buckets fountainline are only 10ltr buckets
Marking Machine Make/Model: Fountainline, proline v4

— Todd – BullCreek Leeming FC. Leeming WA

Logos on grass

Fantastic logos completed by Des & Mark using our paint on the Balranald AFL oval.

— Des Robertson, Mark Scott

Saving 50% by switching from fountainline

Tea Gardens Soccer Club is now happily using Uberline line marking paint and counting the savings for this quality product. Made locally, great service with quick delivery and works well with the current line marking machine. Our club will save in excess of 50% annually on paint by using this product.

Previous Line Marking Paint Used: Fountainline
How much money do you save by using UberLine? 50% plus
Marking Machine Make/Model: Fountain

— Trevor – Tea Gardens Soccer Club

Uberwhite vs Signet

Better coverage and lines last longer also lines are brighter. Very happy with Uberline.

Other Feedback: Delivery was also on time.

Previous Line Marking Paint Used: Signet
How much money do you save by using UberLine? approximately $50 per month
Marking Machine Make/Model: Signet line marking machine

— Jim Dimitriou – Altona East Soccer Club

Uberline = mega logos on grass

Pictures = 1000 Words!

Thanks to Wentworth council for sending in this amazing photo from their mega day.

— Uberline

Grass line marking paint – Perth

Sorrento FC has used Uberline for all our line marking paint now for over 12 months. Their product and service is excellent and price is very competitive. Would recommend their products to all.

We are the biggest ‘round ball’ club in WA and we have 20 odd matches at our grounds near the club house every week and literally dozens of games on grounds all over the northern districts in Perth. We currently have over 1,000 registered players and host clubs from as far away as Albany to Geraldton.

— Derek Harnwell – President, Sorrento Football Club

Uberwhite provides a great finish and value for money

Since switching to Uberline, my club has improved its Linemarking cost and efficiency dramatically. Whilst other brands have promised a great product and value, Uberline Is the only genuine Linemarking product that delivers both a great finish as well as value for money.

The customer service via phone or email is outstanding and having the product shipped from NSW to Victoria in 1 or 2 working days is fantastic. I would recommend Uberline to any sporting club or business that requires Linemarking products.“

Previous Line Marking Paint Used: Rhino Linemarking spray cans
How much money do you save by using UberLine? Close to 50 percent

— Paul Sammut. Whittlesea Ranges FC. Melbourne VIC

Lawn tennis – the courts are looking great!

When the club asked me to save money, I looked at the cost of line marking paint and found UberLine. It’s saving us close to 30% without sacrificing quality. The club is happy that it’s saving money and the players haven’t noticed the change. See the attached photos.

Previous Line Marking Paint Used: Fountain line ultrawhite
How much money do you save by using UberLine? Close to 30%
Line Marking Machine Make/Model: Supaturf

— Greg Dunn – Cobram Lawn Tennis Club

Millewa football league – mega day 2016

Uberline is again proud to provide the grass line marking paint for Wentworth Councils amazing artwork. Custom colours were produced to match the teams colours.

— Uberline

Newcastle cobras love uberwhite & the graco s90 line marking machine

UberWhite paint has been the best paint we have used in our short time as a Gridiron club in Newcastle. The paint was super bright, “uber“ bright even. The 4 Sydney teams that came to our Newcastle venue all commented on how great the field looked.

We also hired the Graco S90 Marking machine, it was so simple to operate, and easy to maintain straight lines. Clean up was simple and easy, making the whole process far less work.

— Matt Knight – Newcastle Cobras

Whiter, brighter and 50% cheaper

From start to finish a far superior product and experience. SIGNIFICANTLY better value for money than product previously used.

  • Delivery – Free, quick and easy.
  • Colour – Whiter and brighter.
  • Mixing – Far quicker and easier.
  • Price – Approx. 50% cheaper.
  • Application – Comes out of the paint nozzle noticeable better.

We’re extremely happy. Not often you’ll find a replacement product that’s better, at half the price!

Previous Line Marking Paint Used: Fountain Ultra
How much money do you save by using UberLine? Approx. $800-$1000 per season
Marking Machine Make/Model: Fountain – Unsure of model

— Tony Cavell – Goodlife Health Club – Bardon QLD

Half the cost, lasts twice as long

I would recommend your product to any club as it is half the price and lasts twice as long.

Previous Line Marking Paint Used: from NSW Football
How much money do you save by using UberLine? $500
Marking Machine Make/Model: fountain line marker

— Tony Bishop – Thornton Redbacks FC

Converted after trying most other grass line marking paint brands.

Legend product.

Am a groundsman at a school with a limited budget. Great results for a great price. Will definitely be using UberLine from now on.

Fast free shipping a huge bonus. Thumbs up

Previous Line Marking Paint Used: signet; fountainline; supaturf
How much money do you save by using UberLine? easily 30 bucks in long run
Marking Machine Make/Model: Fountain

— David Kilpatrick – Gympie State High School

Small football club switched to uberline and saved.

Your product has proved to be all you claim.

For me as a user it is a good colour, bright under lights very economical which is important to small clubs like us.

We look forward to continuing using more Uberline products in the future.

Your in Sport,


What product were you using previously? FountainLine
What line marking machine do you have? Fountainline
Any idea of how much $ you are saving by switching to UberWhite? Approx 35% saving using Uberline

— Chris – Bribie Island FC

Saving 50% over spray can marking

Prompt delivery. Line marking easy to use and we are currently saving about 50% on our costs when compared to using spray can marking.

Previous Line Marking Paint Used: Spray Cans
How much money do you save by using UberLine? About $50% when compared to spray can marking
Marking Machine Make/Model: Clubline

— Graeme Robson – St Philip’s Christian College – Narara NSW

Uberline lasts longer and saving 30%

I’m very happy with the lines. They last longer and I’m not using as much paint.

Previous Line Marking Paint Used: Signet
How much money do you save by using UberLine? about 30%
Marking Machine Make/Model: fountain line

— Phil – Echuca Moama Border Raiders Soccer Club

Line marking paint – Newcastle

Good people, good product, good service and right price. As a big club New Lambton FC is very pleased with Uberline.

— Chris – New Lambton FC

Uberwhite & Uberblack vs Signet

We have been using Uberline for the last 12mths after costs from our previous supplier kept rising. After a long search for some cheaper options via the Internet we found that Uberline is the cheapest supplier around.

How much money do you save by using UberLine? $30 per Drum

— Mallabula Panthers Junior RLFC

Line marking paint for schools

Our groundsman has used the product previously and has indicated that it is the best product to use on the school oval.

Thanks for the quick delivery of the paint which we ordered this week.

Line Marking Machine Make/Model: Grand Slam Deluxe, World of Sport.

— Margaret, Sacred Heart Primary School, Yeppoon QLD

Line marking paint – free next day delivery

I have been purchasing Club Black and Club White for the past 2 years for our soccer club. It is a great product! Our linemarking at our grounds has never looked better. Easy to use and we get good value for money! What I really love is I can place an order today and it is at my door the next day.

How much money do you save by using UberLine? up to $50
Marking Machine Make/Model: Fountainline Proline

— Angela – South Wallsend Junior Soccer Club, Wallsend NSW

Uberwhite gives 3 times the coverage & lasts twice as long!

We have found this product covers at least 3 times more than any other we have tried & the biggest bonus is it actually lasts twice as long as other brands, would recommend any club to try & guarantee you will keep using it.

How much money do you save by using UberLine? We save approx $500 a year
Line Marking Paint Used: Various
Marking Machine Make/Model: Club Marker

— Mark Johnson – Camden NSW

Uberwhite vs Fleet Fastline

After using Turfmate Fastline and other products, we are very happy to now use UberWhite. Dilution rates are higher and sheer brilliance of the white and its ability to stay in place even after heavy rain is very impressive. Very happy customers and would recommend to any other sporting teams using grass and that need lines marked.

Previous Line Marking Paint Used: Fleet Fastline
How much money do you save by using UberLine: We get 50% more coverage with Uberwhite and it’s cheaper to buy despite being 15 litres against 10
Marking Machine Make/Model: Kombi Linemarker

— Mr Di Martino – Doncaster East VIC

Line marking paint – logos on grass

UberLine is proud to supply Line Marking Paint to the Wentworth Shire Council. They did a great job creating each teams jersey on the field for the tournament last weekend.

— UberLine

Line marking paint for sports fields and seymour farming expo

I started using this product in 2015 marking our local footy ground,and soon discovered that it was as good as you said it was. I will be marking 600 sites at our farming expo next week and expect to have the same result.

Previous Line Marking Paint Used: Watered down cheap fence paint
How much money do you save by using UberLine? A huge amount
Marking Machine Make/Model: True line – line marker

— J Gaehl – Seymour VIC

Croquet club converts to Uberline

Based on a recommendation from Noosa Croquet Club we have tried your white line marking. More than happy. It is a brighter finish on our courts, and lasts longer once marked. We also find it easier to mix when preparing for line marking. We are back for repeat buys.

— Dick Byres, President, Bribie Island Croquet Club

Best line marking paint ever used. (35 years experience)

We have just started using the UberWhite Grass Line Marking Paint. It is by far the best line marking paint I have ever used and that is over 35 years of line marking. It mixes easily and goes a long way. I would highly recommend this product to any club that requires line marking.

— Stuart Dodds, President PGSSC – Parafield Gardens SA

The best field marking paint

We ordered four tins of 15L paint for our soccer grounds in Ballarat, we placed the order as we have used your product before and were pleased with the quality of the paint and the service. The paint is the best that we have used as it does not block the line marker and mixes exceptionally well.

The order was delivered promptly; unfortunately the order was only partially delivered. We waited a few days and when the rest did not turn up we got in touch. We have been delighted with the speedy response and follow up and the offer to re send the paint is appreciated.

Thank you Craig for turning what could have been a negative experience into a positive one. I would recommend UberLine to all soccer clubs and sporting codes that require quality products that are backed by exceptional service. Thank you once again for your assistance and help.

Thank you once again for your assistance and help.

Kind regards,

L Sommers

— Ballarat North United SC

Line marking paint

Warwick wolves is a club of 500 playing members therefore we need many fields.

UberLine caters for all our junior, over the 35 and summer 6’s competitions by supplying black, white and now blue line marking paint.

Thanks UberLine.

— Tim @ Warwick Wolves – Warwick QLD 4370

Callaghan college – loves Uberline

I have just finished using UberLine white marking paint for the first time and I am sold on it. I have previously used two other products but find UberLine far better than the other products. It goes on easier, mixes easier,is brighter and can see it will last longer. I will not go back to any other product I have used in the past so I will be ordering more uberline marking white line marking paint very soon.

— M Crawford – Callaghan College. Wallsend NSW

Polocrosse – line marking paint

UberLine was proud to supply the line marking paint for Maitland Polocrosse Club’s annual carnival. 27 teams from 7 clubs competed over the weekend.

The Lines held up extremely well against the punishment from the horses.

Read the full story at the Maitland Mercury

— Uberline

Line marking paint – easy choice

After trying your sample of UberWhite I’ve ordered more and intend to keep using it. Good long lasting appearance, works well in the machine, low cost per litre and easy ordering/delivery. A no-brainer.

— Tim Carseldine – Pine Hills Lightning Baseball Club

Line marking paint – saving our club money

The long lasting nature of UberWhite and UberBlack is saving our club time and money. We would definitely recommend it to other sporting clubs.

— Pottsville Beach Football Club

Uberwhite vs Sportzline

UberLine paint will save our club money. The paint is a lot brighter and holds better in wet weather.

Previously used: Sportzline

— Graham Moore – Glenmore Park, NSW

Uberwhite & Uberblack – long lasting lines

We use UberWhite & UberBlack and are impressed with the coverage and length of time it’s still visible on field.

Previously used: Redacted

— Fields United Soccer Club

Uberwhite vs Fountainline ultra

After mucking around cleaning the spray nozzle on the line marking machine again while using Fountainline Ultra. I re-filled the line marker tank with UberLine marking paint.What a difference, the paint mixed better, sprayed finer and washed/cleaned up better after use.The paint had a brighter appearance and lasted as long as the other brands.A great paint for a great job.

— Jason Mackenzie – Bellbird NSW

Uberwhite vs Fleet Fastline

Marked on very wet grass while raining, marked outstanding. Paint goes a long way, will recommend to other clubs. Prompt delivery and great customer service over the phone.

Previously used: Fleet Fastline

— Chris Foley, Werribee VIC

Uberwhite vs Signet White

Just letting you know we used your Uberline UberWhite line marking paint for the first time & as promised it is indeed a superior product giving great cover & brightness compared to what we were using (Signet White) & we actually used a lot less than we normally use so great savings as well. Thanks for a great product at a great price will definitely be using from now on.

— Hill Top Soccer Club, Hill Top NSW 2575

Uberwhite vs Fountainline Ultra White

UberWhite is a good product,It’s a very bright paint,easy to use,easy to mix and did not wash away in the rain. I’ll be back!

Previous Line Marking Paint Used: Fountainline Ultra White.

— Gai Greentree – Dapto NSW 2530

Uberwhite vs Fountainline Xtreme

We were pleased to be able to find the Uberline product line as an alternative to current paint products being used (Fountainline Xtreme). The product is just as good and the savings will allow us to invest more in our club.

— Blackburn Newhope F.C – Blackburn North, VIC