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About UberLine

UberLine is a family owned company that has been providing councils, industry and sports clubs all over Australia with the best value grass line marking paint and a comprehensive range of grass and road line marking machines plus machines for surface preparation for many years. Buy now or call 02 4001 0294 for further information or assistance.

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Line Marking Paint For Grass

We manufacture a full range of quality line marking paints for all grass surfaces. Application by transfer or spray line marking machines. There is a product to suit every application with concentrates ready for dilution up to 10:1.

Line Marking Machines

At UberLine we endeavour to supply a machine to suit your needs in either the grass line marking category for clubs and councils or road marking machines ranging from those used for warehouse line marking to airport runways.

Our Product Range

Our product range encompasses a range of grass line marking paints in all the standard colours, grass linemarking machines to suit clubs and councils, a range of road line marking paint plus road marking machines for wide and varied applications together with machines to prepare surfaces and apply these products.