Pump Saver - 1L

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SKU: AX/06-100-001.

Pump saver is a lubricant and corrosion inhibitor for your line marking machine.

Diluton ratio: 40ml of pump saver to 1 litre of water.

1L of pump saver dilutes to 25L of ready to use product. 

After using your line marking machine.

  1.  Thoroughly cleaning your machine as normal.
  2. Add 40ml of pump saver to 1L of clean water.
  3. Draw this liquid though pump & lines.

Equivalant product: Graco Pump Armor  243103 

For trouble free operation of your line marking machine, you should store the machine with pump saver+water in the lines & pump. This prevents any paint residue from drying and clogging the machine. The Pump saver has anti corrosion properties. 

Delivery is additional if ordered alone. Free with paint/parts/sprayers