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13 pails of UberBlack line marking paint delivered to Geraldton WA for $3.84 ea ($50 total)!

For sport days or inter school carnivals, one of the most important requirements is a clearly and accurately marked track and field.

The task of marking a track accurately may seem to rely on an understanding of advanced geometric principles such is not the case. Outlined in this manual are two practical examples of detailed 400 and 300-metre tracks on a given size field. A minimum amount of equipment is required to create a 400 or 300 metre track and field. Apart from a line marking machine and some UberLine line marking paint, all that is required is one or two good quality 100 metre tapes, lots of string, coloured ribbons and several wooden pegs or markers. 

Click here: How to line mark an athletics field

Transfer markers need a thicker product to effectively mark a line. 

When using a transfer/wheel style line marking machine dilution ratios are reduced. 

  • You can use undiluted line marking paint
  • If you wish to dilute: Start with a 1:1 ratio, you may be able to increase this to 1:2 or higher depending on your machines transfer capability.
  • Using ClubWhite / ClubBlack 4:1 may be beneficial.  

One club advised they are currently using UberWhite/UberBlack with their transfer marker. Diluting at 4 parts water, 1 Part paint. This is working well, with good pickup and is going futher and lasting much longer than previous paint.

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